Created by nature. The harmonious blend of virgin wool and linen.

Main Line Flax is a highly sustainable fabric made from the best that nature has to offer. Wild flax is a symbol of purity and has been used for thousands of years for textiles, thanks to its strong, long and smooth fibers found inside the stem of the plant. The fibers are spun into a 75/25 wool-flax blend and then dyed into beautiful blended yarns woven in colors inspired by the rich tones of rare jewels and perfectly nuanced neutrals. The lightly textured surface is soft to the touch, and the multi-faceted coloring visible in each shade creates a captivating but understated appearance.

Name Camira
Pattern Solid
Material Virgin sheep wool / flax
Weight 437 gr/lfm
Resilience 50,000 Martindale
Pilling 3-4
Light fastness 5
Temperature regulation Very high
Robustness Very high
Care Brushes / Hand wash
Country of manufacture Spain from Camira
Designer: Camira

There is a lot of talk about sustainable production. Camira has been practicing it for years. The British textile manufacturer produces fabrics from nettles, hemp and jute and relies heavily on recycling.
For the first sustainable fabric called “ResKu”, Camira used wool from old military sweaters in 1996. To this end, Camira recycles, among other things, selvages from fabric production or jute fibers from used coffee sacks. The waste generated during production has thus been reduced from 340 tons per year in the past to less than one ton today. Likewise, Camira has installed a take-back management system that returns used materials from the customer back to the factory. The future belongs to the circular economy, the British are sure of that. Also sustainable are the bast fibers that Camira is increasingly including in its collections. The advantage of these fibers over synthetic fibers is that they are renewable and biodegradable.

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