The subtle elegance of the Alpine country. Craftsmanship in every fiber.

A wool fabric produced by the renowned company Rohi, from near Munich. The quality of this fabric reflects the excellence of craftsmanship and careful selection of wool for which Germany is known. The fabric shines with a soft sheen reminiscent of freshly fallen snow in the morning light, offering a fascinating play of light and shadow. The feel of the fabric is a feast for the senses; the texture resembles that of tree bark or gently folded mountain landscapes and promises absolute comfort. Just like the diversity of the German nature, this fabric shows an impressive versatility: it has a temperature balancing and moisture regulating effect, which makes it the perfect choice for our strollers. In winter, the fabric keeps you comfortably warm, while in summer it provides a pleasantly cool climate. Thanks to the natural antibacterial properties of wool, the fabric is self-cleaning; dirt can be simply brushed off after drying. A material that not only appeals aesthetically, but also convinces in functionality and sustainability.

Name Cento
Designer Rohi
Pattern Solid
Material Virgin sheep wool
Weight 870 gr/lfm
Resilience 100,000 Martindale
Pilling 4
Light fastness 5-6
Temperature regulation Very high
Robustness Very high
Care Brushes / Hand wash
Country of manufacture Germany
Designer: Rohi

In the idyllic foothills of the Alps, not far from the vibrant business metropolis of Munich, rohi finds the inspiration for its incomparable textile designs. This place full of creativity and natural beauty is not only a daily source of inspiration, but also the heart of the brand.

But it is not only the geographical location that gives rohi its special character. The company relies on a production process based entirely in Germany. This means that quality control always remains in our own hands – from the first fiber to the finished fabric. There are no confusing production chains or external suppliers that could affect quality. rohi cooperates exclusively with long-standing partners who meet the strict quality tests and high standards that can and should be expected from a premium manufacturer.

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