The circular economy is the future

Everyone knows about fabrics made from recycled plastic, but couldn’t wool also be recycled? This is exactly what Margrethe Odgaard asked herself and the result was a noble virgin sheep’s wool fabric, which is characterized by its durability and soft surface. Consisting of 45% recycled wool, the upholstery fabric is partly made from the by-products of Kvadrat’s yarn spinning mills, in line with our sustainability concept, and finds a whole new area of application on our ANGELCABs. The idea behind Re-wool was to create an honest and at the same time environmentally friendly textile with a poetic texture and extraordinary depth of color. The designer has also succeeded in this. This particularly efficient textile also combines aesthetics and sustainability with the outstanding temperature-regulating properties of virgin sheep’s wool that we value so highly. In the cool season virgin sheep’s wool keeps you warm and on hot summer days it provides a pleasantly fresh climate in the stroller due to its optimal moisture management. It is also antibacterial and self-cleaning, so dirt can simply be brushed off after drying.

Name Re-Wool
Designer Margerethe Odgaard
Pattern Solid
Material Virgin sheep wool
Weight 540 gr/lfm
Resilience 100,000 Martindale
Pilling 4-5
Light fastness 7
Temperature regulation Very high
Robustness Very high
Care Brushes / Hand wash
Country of manufacture Great Britain from Kvadrat
Designer: Margrethe Odgaard

Her work is characterized by a constant search for new methods to explore the interplay of color and pattern in the material. In addition to her own design studio in Copenhagen, she forms the duo INCLUDED MIDDLE together with furniture designer Chris L. Halstrøm.

Margrethe Odgaard, a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, also studied at the Rhode Island School of Design in the USA. Before eventually opening her own studio, she worked for several years as a textile designer at the French fashion company EPICE and as a printing assistant at The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia.

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