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Returning one of our products is easy.

AngelCab Ersatzteile

Easily replace parts of your AngelCab

I ordered an AngelCab stroller, what happens next?

Shortly after we have received your order, you will receive a confirmation email. In this email all details of your order are listed again. If you chose to place your order with a customer account, you can also view it in your account after receiving the order confirmation and see the individual production status. In the order confirmation we inform you again about the delivery date of your AngelCab order. After completion of your AngelCab product we will send you a completion- and shipping-confirmation.

How long does the delivery time of an AngelCab stroller takes?

Your AngelCab stroller is made to custom order, therefore the production time, which can vary between 2 and 12 weeks, starts right after we received your payment. The delivery time of bespoke AngelCab products is in general longer than for our standard products. In rare situations a delivery delay can occur, if this would happen we notify you right away.

How and when will my order be delivered?

Your AngelCab order gets delivered within the predetermined delivery time to your preferred delivery address. The products we send out are assembled for you, so once they arrive the fun can start right away. Right before the products will be delivered to you we send a shipping confirmation and tracking information related to your order. For our deliveries we use the services of DPD, DHL and UPS.

In which countries do you ship?

We ship within Europe and Switzerland. The shipping costs may vary from country to country. More detailed information concerning the shipping costs you can find on our Shipping page.

What about returns, how do I return my order?

The return of non-custom products is free within Germany. More detailed information concerning returns you can find on our returns page.

My AngelCab product is damaged or defective, what can I do?

All components of an AngelCab stroller can be repaired or replaced. With our Mobility warranty, you are (in case of a warranty issue) entitled to a replacement stroller or component, so you don’t have to stay without a stroller.

How does the AngelCab repair service work?

Please contact us right away through our contact form and describe the issue. We get as soon as possible in touch with you to search together with you for the best solution for your problem. Whether it’s by providing replacement parts or a replacement stroller within our mobility warranty program.

Which textiles can be machine washed?

Basically, all cotton textiles can be machine-washed at 30° in the wool washing program of your machine. But please consult the washing instructions attached to the individual product. Animal fibers such as sheep wool or vegetable fibers such as coconut should be washed by hand. If you have any questions about the maintenance of your textiles, please get in touch with us, we’re happy to help.

What is so special about the AngelCab coconut mattress?

An AngelCab comes with a coconut mattress. The mattress is coated with sheep wool and is covered with organic cotton. Coconut is breathable, moisture-regulating and very stable. The mattress supports the soft spine of your baby and absorbs shocks comfortably.

Can an AngelCab stroller also be produced vegan, so that animal fibers are avoided?

If you would like to order your AngelCab as a vegan version, we will be happy to ensure that no materials of animal origin are used for your AngelCab. The upholstery of all textiles as well as the coconut mattress will then also be made of organic cotton. The vegan options for the outer fabrics are the cotton Nature Proof and Atelier collections.

What is included in the delivery of my stroller?

Your AngelCab stroller comes with a coconut mattress, a sun shade and shopping basket. Also the seat unit is already equipped with a removable seat cushion.

Which accessories can I use with an AngelCab stroller?

In order not to damage your AngelCab, we recommend to use only AngelCab accessories. Please contact us if you have any questions about the compatibility of universal accessories.

What is the AngelCab Mobility Warranty?

Our mobility warranty guarantees that you never will be left without a stroller. In case your stroller or a part of it gets damages we will send you a replacement part right away. When the problem can’t be solved at home with a replacement part we’ll look together with you at the most comfortable option to pick up the non-functioning part and replace it. This service is in case of a failure covered by warranty free of charge available within Europe.
Example: After a flight you receive your stroller back at the airport and see it’s damaged, it’s clear that for the repair specific tools and knowledge are necessary. After contacting us we send you a replacement stroller you can use temporary and pick up your damaged stroller. After the repair we send your stroller back to you and organize a pick up of the replacement stroller to get it back to us.