Regional wool
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The wool footmuff for the whole year

The four-season footmuff is temperature and moisture regulating, breathable, cuddly and elastic. Since sheep’s wool consists of protein molecules, lambskins bind and neutralize acids, bases and odors. The rough surface structure of the wool fibers is comparable to the stepped, overlapping structure of bird feathers. Therefore, it is difficult for bacteria to settle. In addition, sheep’s wool can absorb up to 30% of its dry weight in moisture.

The crimping of the wool creates air pockets. Since air is a poor conductor of heat, the footmuff keeps you toasty warm in winter and protects you from heat in summer. The sheepskin footmuff works like a natural thermostat: when it’s too warm, wool reduces the heat, but when it’s too cold, wool warms. The footmuff cools not only due to the air cushions created, but also thanks to evaporative cooling. This occurs when moisture in the form of sweat is stored in the wool and evaporates to the outside through the hot ambient air. Therefore, the footmuff is also excellent to use as a base in the summer.

Hand wash 30° with fur or wool detergent