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Camira Main Line Flax

Kvadrat Re-wool

Margerethe Odgaard had the idea to design a fabric from recycled wool. The result is a noble virgin sheep's wool fabric, which is characterized by its durability and soft surface. The by-products of Kvadrat's yarn spinning mills are used to create an upholstery fabric that finds a new application when used with an ANGELCAB. This particularly efficient textile combines a sustainable approach with the outstanding properties of virgin sheep's wool. In the cool season, virgin sheep's wool keeps you warm and on hot summer days it provides cool freshness. The wool has a temperature-balancing effect and optimal moisture management ensures a pleasant climate in the stroller. Virgin sheep's wool has the ability to clean itself and is antibacterial. Dirt can be simply brushed off after drying.


A wool fabric produced by the renowned company Rohi, located near Munich. The quality of this fabric reflects the excellence in craftsmanship and careful selection of wool for which Germany is known. The fabric shines with a soft sheen reminiscent of freshly fallen snow in the morning light, offering a fascinating play of light and shadow. The feel of the fabric is a feast for the senses; the texture resembles that of tree bark or gently folded mountain landscapes and promises absolute comfort. Just like the diversity of German nature, this fabric shows impressive versatility: it has a temperature-balancing and moisture-regulating effect, which makes it the perfect choice for our strollers. In winter, the fabric keeps you cozy and warm, while in summer it provides a pleasantly cool climate. Thanks to the natural antibacterial properties of wool, the fabric is self-cleaning; dirt can simply be brushed off after drying. A material that not only appeals aesthetically, but also convinces in functionality and sustainability.

Dedar Milano

Dedar's colorful and fine arts-inspired fabrics offer Italian joie de vivre as an alternative to the Scandinavian minimalism exuded by our Kvadrat wool fabrics from Denmark. Dedar Milano is a family-owned Italian company based near Lake Como that produces contemporary collections with individual style, using extensive color palettes and the finest yarns and high-tech fibers. From 2011 to October 2020, Dedar was a partner of Hermès. Inspired by the determined brushwork of modern painting, ABOUT FLOWERS presents flowers and exotic fruits on a linen-jute blend. MARGARITAS, an abstract floral pattern reminiscent of the painting techniques of 20th century expressionist American artists, is faithfully printed on a viscose linen textile using digital inkjet printing.

Kvadrat Atlas

Wicker basket

Faux leather

Natural leather


Merino wool

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