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What distinguishes ANGELCAB stroller from other strollers?

Through an all-encompassing effort to consistently challenge the status quo, ANGELCAB is setting new standards in material selection, material origins, design and manufacturing of strollers. ANGELCAB pushes value in all manufacturing processes and works with traditional craftsmen from the region. Independent manufacturing allows us to guarantee the highest quality standards and still have room for innovation, creative design and continuous improvement. In an ANGELCAB stroller, your baby comes into contact exclusively with natural, pollutant-free materials.
We are a member of the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry (IVN) and the Initiative Deutsche Manufakturen – Handmade in Germany.

What is special about the natural materials used?

We at ANGELCAB reflect on our roots. Since nature has already blessed us with incredibly functional materials, we rely on natural fibers instead of plastic. Wherever possible from a production and safety point of view, natural substitutes for synthetic materials are used. Robust wool textiles instead of coated polyester fibers, wood instead of plastic and coconut fibers instead of foam.
Natural materials, especially the wool fibers of an ANGELCAB are characterized by special skin-friendliness, breathability and excellent moisture-wicking properties.
In addition to being free of harmful substances, wool textiles are very robust and durable, easy to clean and, in the case of ANGELCAB, are produced regionally.

What is the delivery time of an ANGELCAB stroller?

ANGELCAB strollers are made to individual specifications, so you can expect a delivery time of 6 to 10 weeks. The delivery period is indicated in the configurator. Due to regional production and the resulting flexibility, we are also happy to realize shorter delivery times.
Please contact us for this so we can prioritize the completion of your ANGELCAB with your time constraints.

What are the advantages of the modular design of an ANGELCAB?

The most sustainable stroller is an already used ANGELCAB. We strive to produce the best quality strollers that will stand the test of time and are easy to maintain due to their modular design. Instead of replacing, the modular design allows for easy repair. The elimination of model years allows you to effortlessly replace damaged components of older models, underscoring their long service life.

Where are ANGELCAB strollers produced?

ANGELCAB strollers and accessories are produced in Engelthal, Nuremberg, Bavaria. We manufacture baby carriages individually to order, saving resources and avoiding waste.
Regional production not only guarantees short transport routes, but also a constant exchange with our manufacturing partners. This allows us to draw on the decades of experience of many suppliers and immediately incorporate product improvements into current production.
An important part of the ANGELCAB concept is also the radical transparency of the value chain. Gain insight with TraceMyPart®.

How long is the warranty for an ANGELCAB stroller?

We are convinced of the quality of our products. A 7-year warranty period is provided for all ANGELCAB strollers ordered on or after January 01, 2023. For more detailed information, please visit our warranty page.

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