C3 - Series

Functions that convince:
Excellent suspension
Spacious luggage basket
Puncture proof aluminum wheels
Robust construction
Large & high reclining tub
Highest seating comfort
Configure now | 949,- EUR
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Configure now | From 949,- EUR
Configure now | From 949,- EUR

Traditional design and modern functionality combine with the finest natural materials to create a stylish classic that offers maximum riding comfort even on uneven terrain thanks to its innovative swing suspension.

Unsurpassed driving dynamics, timeless design.

The C-Series features 14-inch wheels and a suspension spring that offers unparalleled suspension performance to elegantly tackle any terrain. Unique in function and form.

Lower costs, less waste

Close to nature to the comfort master.

The only baby carriage made of robust wool - for a soft, temperature-regulating nest that surrounds your child.

Innovative in handling.

The C-Series gives your child plenty of space, but fits effortlessly into everyday life.

Paths end, ride comfort does not.
The best C-Series.
Groundbreaking further developments for maximum ease of use, comfort and safety.
Modular freedom
A base frame gives you the freedom to switch between different attachments - ideal for any travel requirement.
Baby car seat
Cradle frame

Scope of delivery


Frame with push bar

Luggage basket

Wheel set

Seat unit

Seat frame with textile

Seat bracket

Seat cover

Hood extension

Extendable footrest


Textile or basket tub

Inner lining

Coconut core mattress

Soft top

Tub cover

Technical data


Frame folded with wheels
81 x 65 x 50 cm / 9.1 kg

Frame folded without wheels
72 x 63 x 35 cm / 4.9 kg

Maximum load
27 kg / luggage basket 5 kg

Sliding height
73 – 113 cm

Seat unit

Seat dimensions & weight
100 x 36 cm / 4.9 kg

Backrest length
52 cm

Footrest length
20 cm / 25 cm with extension

Seat height


Couch dimensions & weight
93 x 44 x 35 cm / 4.4 kg (textile) & 4.9 kg (basket)

Mattress dimensions textile tub
84 x 36 x 4 cm

Lying height
60 cm

Textile tub folded
92 x 44 x 15 cm

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Not in the mood for cumbersome re-measurement? Use AR technology to find out if the C-SERIES will fit in your trunk, elevator, or designated storage area.

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