ANGELCAB test drive

If you are too far from a showroom, we will be happy to send you an ANGELCAB to test drive. You can test this for 9,90 € over one weekend. The outbound and return shipping are free of charge.

1. order test car

First, select which ANGELCAB you would like to test. After that, you decide on the trial period. Packages will be delivered to you on Thursday/Friday at the beginning of the trial period.

2. test drive

You have the whole weekend to test the ANGELCAB extensively.

3. collection

The test car will be picked up again by our shipping company at your home on Monday or Tuesday. When deciding whether to order an ANGELCAB, our free fabric samples will help.

4. ordering an ANGELCAB

The ANGELCAB was able to convince you functionally, the right fabric is selected: Nothing more stands in the way of an order.

Please select your test car – combination. The seat is always included with each variant.

Textilwanne + Seat
Korbwanne + Seat
Textilwanne + Seat
Korbwanne + Seat
Select date:
Select the desired test time frame:
Unfortunately, for shipping reasons, booking a test stroller is only possible in Germany.

Most frequently asked questions

What is the test drive procedure?

First, select which ANGELCAB you would like to test. After that, you decide on the trial period.

The packages will be delivered to you before the weekend. You then have the weekend to test everything. On Monday or Tuesday, the packages will be picked up again by the driver, contactless. This brings the return labels themselves and also to.
✔ We will inform you when the packages will be delivered
✔ You can try out everything under everyday conditions
✔ Uncomplicated, free round-trip shipping

When will your ANGELCAB test car be delivered?

The packages of your test car are usually delivered to you on Thursday or Friday. DPD informs you exactly when the delivery will take place. GPS tracking also allows you to schedule and reroute packages or issue a drop-off permit.

What can you try out with the test car?

The test model is a test vehicle that can be intensively tried out and driven on different surfaces. Of course, soiling and traces of use can also occur in the process. Test cars are cleaned again by ANGELCAB.

Can test cars be test driven exclusively over a weekend?

Unfortunately, for logistical reasons, shipping and pickup can only be scheduled for the weekend. Delivery is on Thursday or Friday, with pickup on Monday or Tuesday.

An ANGELCAB test car – decisive

Pregnancy can sometimes feel almost like a rodeo ride. Between all the anticipation and excitement, there are constantly new things to think about, information to gather and decisions to make. With our stroller test we would like to make your decision for a stroller as uncomplicated as possible – so you have more time to enjoy this special time during the pregnancy weeks.

What can you expect from our stroller test offer? We will send you the test stroller conveniently to your home. This way you don’t have to scurry around the entire city and can get to know our strollers outside of the website. But above all, a stroller test at home gives you the opportunity to gain experience with the stroller in the environment in which you will actually use your stroller later. Plus, with a stroller test at home, you can not only drive around the block once, but test the stroller for a full weekend. So you can track different situations and go out of town for a long walk, for example. We know that the decision for a stroller is not made in passing, so we would like to give you the time you need for the stroller test.
During your stroller test, you can of course also examine our materials, which are not only free of harmful substances, for example naphthalene, but also provide excellent temperature balance. But the stroller test can also give you the chance to try out whether you can optimally adjust the slide height to your size and whether you have enough freedom of movement.

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