Radical Transparency

Our value chain presented transparently.

In all manufacturing processes, we focus on appreciation in value creation and work together with traditional craft businesses from the region. Our maxim is to maintain a sufficiency-based business model. In doing so, we seek to reduce overall resource consumption by curbing demand through education and consumer engagement. We actually want our customers to buy only what they really need. We want more people to buy fewer, better quality things that last longer and can be easily repaired. We know that our existing customers are our most valuable ambassadors and the door openers for new customers.

Honest workmanship

People – not machines – create our products. For thousands of years, people produced their goods mainly by hand. However, this has changed drastically since the industrial revolution. Today, workers around the world are employed in questionable conditions to serve a global industry in which humans have become the most costly part of the production process.
Corporations that are only concerned with quarterly growth and cost reduction view this as an unnecessary cost factor that needs to be eliminated. In addition, computer-aided production requires the use of plastics that behave in a calculable manner in the production process. It’s lucrative for companies, but is purely automated production with man-made materials desirable for workers, consumers and our planet?
We produce our products ourselves and deliver directly to your home – all over Europe. With no middlemen, our profit margin is lower than industry standard and you get high quality strollers and accessories at honest prices. At ANGELCAB we strongly position ourselves against the approach of offering discounts, because our prices reflect the true value of the product.

Made with passion and experience

When choosing production sites, we are guided by our corporate philosophy and work with regional partners who share our vision. Thus, unique products made of natural materials are created under fair working conditions and in solid craftsmanship. Like us, our partners are driven by a passion for refined design and pay attention to the details – which is what matters in the end. They are authoritative and patented personalities who have years of experience in their respective crafts.

New standards

We are constantly working to further develop the designs, materials and surfaces that make up the characteristic aesthetics of an ANGELCAB and to set new standards. We owe the clear design language of our products to the conscious use of natural materials as well as practical designs that make the best possible use of the material properties of the individual components. The design combines the traditional construction of strollers with modern and functional elements of today: since the production of the first ANGELCAB, the basket tray made of rattan is one of the most famous and popular features of our strollers. We are very proud to be able to contribute to the preservation of the traditional craft.

Suitable for material

The origin of ANGELCAB was the desire to develop a stroller made of natural materials. Plastic as the material of choice for a product that is in direct skin contact with babies and young children seemed wrong, out of date, unsustainable and, above all, not at all species-appropriate. After all, it is well known that natural materials are good for children’s well-being. So why shouldn’t there be a stroller made of breathable and pollutant-free natural textiles?
In today’s world, the use of sustainable materials is essential and the thought of future generations is obvious when it comes to an everyday companion for those generations.
With our natural materials, we not only want to provide a safe and natural environment for your child, but also leave an intact environment for all future generations. That’s why we’re doing our part and using environmentally friendly processes where chemicals would otherwise be used.
Our curiosity and quest for constant technical improvement drives us to redefine the principles of the conventional stroller: A wide variety of innovative materials are specifically adapted and integrated into the manual manufacturing process of the stroller manufactory.


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