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With leather handles and shoulder strap, so the bag can also be worn over the shoulder. The interior can be easily and clearly organized with the removable compartment divider. The bag holders allow you to easily and securely attach the bag to your ANGELCAB.

A diaper bag is an indispensable companion in everyday life with baby. Therefore, like the stroller, it belongs to every first equipment. It will be in frequent use, as a newborn is swaddled seven to eight times a day. Therefore, it is important to buy a clear and durable bag. When designing our bag, it was important to us that it is a practical aid for everyday life and yet exceptionally beautiful. So you can hang it on your stroller to store everything practical and space-saving. If you attach the diaper bag to the push bar using the bag holder, the luggage basket remains free and you still have room for your shopping.

Our bag can hold diapers, cream and oil. But also nursing wipes, fresh laundry and a changing mat can be easily stored. But a diaper bag also includes baby powder, absorbent cotton and wet wipes, making it ideal not only for everyday use, but also for travel. Even if you no longer need to change your child’s diaper, a roomy bag remains your faithful companion. So you can turn it into a sports bag or use it as a shopper for your purchases at the market. Or you can use it as a laptop bag or handbag. Our bag is also suitable as a beach bag, so with it you are always prepared for trips with the whole family – whether to the quarry pond or to the zoo. Whether it’s during diapering time or after, it’s a worthwhile investment.