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This is what makes the Vario Base 5Z from Britax Römer so special.

Adjustable tilt angle
Especially when your child falls asleep, it is crucial that the head is securely supported and does not tilt forward. The Vario Base 5Z offers a clever solution as it can be adjusted to six different positions. This ensures that your child can rest comfortably and safely without their head falling forward.

Maximum security
Safety is the top priority when it comes to child seats. The Vario Base 5Z has an adjustable support bar function (by 8°), which prevents the child seat from tipping over in the event of an accident. This function not only offers first-class protection, but also allows you to adjust the base to your car seat.

Swivel base for easy entry and exit
The swivel base makes getting in and out a breeze and helps to avoid possible back pain. This practical function also allows the child seat to be used in a forward-facing or rear-facing position (although we recommend the rear-facing mode).

Space-saving storage
No more worries about where to put the Vario Base 5Z when it’s not in use. The support leg can be easily folded away, allowing you to store the base conveniently and space-savingly when it is not needed.