No Black Friday

ANGELCAB does not participate in Black Friday. We want to send a signal for ethical principles and sustainability as well as against mass consumption and make it clear that our customers should make an informed and conscious decision. Thus, there is never a sale or discount promotion at ANGELCAB.

Let’s remember what constitutes the true value of a product, as it goes far beyond the price tag. For us, it’s the people who made the product possible and the impact or purpose it serves. This value defines the price and not vice versa. As consumers, we need to consider the social and environmental price as well, not just the final price.

Buying better always means buying less. Of course, we won’t criticize you if you buy something on Black Friday that you may have wanted and needed for a long time. But we hope people will look for brands that offer high-quality, long-lasting products that prioritize purpose and environmental impact, not just profit. Always remember that buying a used stroller is more sustainable than buying an ANGELCAB first hand.

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