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In the development of our products, we highly value the opinion and findings of Stiftung Warentest and would like to respond below to their recommendations regarding child-friendly design, handling, durability and safety, as well as materials regarding the exclusion of harmful substances. As of July 2023, no ANGELCAB product has been selected and tested in any of the Stiftung Warentest stroller tests to date.

Child friendly design

Cradle suitable for babies up to 9 months
We recommend using the bassinet for at least 9 months and only switching to the seat unit when the back and neck muscles are fully developed. Therefore, the bassinet is equipped with a coconut core mattress, which has a length of about 84 cm and a width of about 35 cm. Also, if children appear to be able to sit upright and see more before 9 months of age, we strongly recommend seeking the opinion of a pediatrician for help.

Seat suitable for children from 9 to at least 36 months
At the sitting age from 9 months, children have a height between approx. 67 and approx. 78 cm and will grow around 35 centimeters. Even smaller children need to be able to bend your legs in the seat and sit comfortably. For smaller children, we recommend adding the ANGELCAB seat cushion to the area between the back and the backrest to provide support for the back. Likewise, the footrest can be adjusted and brought into a horizontal position. The backrest has an overall length of approximately 53 cm and can be adjusted completely flat to a comfortable, back-friendly sleeping position. Without the extended footrest, the seat is approximately 100 cm long. The extension provides an additional 10 cm for the footrest. In summary, the seat can be used comfortably from 9 months until at least four years of age.

Visibility of the child / air circulation
Both the carrycot and seat can be mounted in either direction of travel. The front of both the carrycot and the canopy are equipped with openings that additionally promote air circulation. In order to also be able to maintain eye contact in the flat-positioned seat, there is an additional viewing window on the hood extension, whose cover is closed with zippers and can be rolled up using a magnet.
The textiles of an ANGELCAB are made entirely of natural fibers and have excellent temperature as well as moisture regulating properties.

Belt system/suspension
The harness system is equipped with a magnet-assisted 5-point buckle system. Since the opening lever has to be pushed open and not pressed, unintentional, independent opening by children’s hands is restricted. The attachment points are easily adjustable in addition to the belt length.
The suspension characteristics differ depending on the ANGELCAB model. The C-Series is equipped with large wheels and a swinging frame and is therefore also intended for very uneven terrain. The U-Series with pronounced rear suspension and swinging ten-inch front wheels, convinces with flexibility in the city as well as with sufficient damping for gravel and forest roads. The A-Series is designed for urban city use, not for gravel and forest trails.

Rain/ sun protection
The ANGELCAB rain cover is designed for both the tub and the seat and has an opening that can be enlarged by means of a zipper. The reflective strips on both sides ensure that you are seen even in the dark.
The canopy is equipped with an additional, extendable sunshade. The canopy of the seat can be pulled up to the seat bow.


Instructions for use/ initial assembly
An ANGELCAB is delivered to you already assembled and is immediately ready for use after unfolding the chassis and inserting either the carrycot or the seat.
For assistance with all functions, please refer to the respective illustrated instructions.

Collapse, unfold/set up
An ANGELCAB has extensive features and have been designed to ensure intuitive operation. Learn more about the respective features on one of the model pages.

The sliding height can be adjusted several times and is designed for medium to tall people (1.65 m to 1, 95 m).

Driving on different surfaces
ANGELCAB models are equipped as standard with non-flat hollow chamber tires. U- and C- Series are also available with pneumatic tires, which increase ride comfort in addition to the existing suspension.

The size of the luggage compartment is an important factor in everyday life with children. Luggage baskets should not only be easy to load, but also provide plenty of space.
The volume dimensions of the luggage basket are as follows.
U-Series: 45 liters
C-Series: 50 liters
A-Series: 37 liters

Transport, load luggage/clean
ANGELCAB models can be easily folded and occupy different volumes. The AR function, with which you can virtually simulate the size of the selected model, is an aid.

Although all textiles can be removed and washed by means of zippers or press studs, in everyday life with a child it usually has to be quicker. ANGELCAB virgin sheep wool textiles are very robust and have friction resistance values of 100,000 Martindale


An ANGELCAB is designed for a total weight of 27 kg. All components are tested well above industry standards.

Safety & pollutants

ANGELCAB strollers are manufactured and tested according to EN-1888-2019 as well as EN-1466-2015. In addition, all components are regularly tested by independent testing institutes. All textile components made from plant and animal fibers, such as fabrics, belts, tapes and nonwovens are GOTS and IVN-Best certified or comply with this standard. We therefore not only test according to the Oekotex Standard 100 Class 1 toy standard for baby articles, but also apply the current highest textile standard according to GOTS and IVN-Best, even for components made of non-vegetable fibers.ANGELCAB is an active member of the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry (IVN) as well as the Deutsche Manufakturen – Handmade in Germany e.V..

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