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The baby sleeping bag provides a cozy sleeping nest for your baby. It scores particularly well in terms of safety for newborns: the baby’s face always remains uncovered in the sleeping bag. This ensures that your baby can breathe freely. In addition, the organic baby sleeping bag can not be stripped. So babies always stay toasty warm. This is also the case thanks to the closed bottom. So with the sleeping bag for babies you give not only your child a restful night, but also yourself: you can rest assured that your baby is safe. But babies slumber in the eco baby sleeping bag not only safe, but also comfortable. The sleeping bag gives your child a sense of security and gently nestles. It is like a cozy hug, newborns feel comfortable all around in the sleeping bag.

Organic cotton baby sleeping bag

The baby’s skin has a lot of contact with the sleeping bag. Therefore, we rely on IVN-Best certified organic cotton fleece. Thanks to the organic cotton quality, our baby sleeping bag is particularly fluffy and skin-friendly. So babies can be put in the sleeping bag in midsummer even with just a diaper. The organic cotton fabric is free from skin irritating substances and therefore particularly gentle to baby’s skin. This way your baby can fall asleep peacefully. At the same time the sleeping bag for babies allows the necessary air circulation, it is comfortable and airy. in this way, the baby sleeping bag allows a good sleeping climate. The hood of the baby sleeping bag gives extra security. The baby sleeping bag is also practical to use: Thanks to the folding and closing technology, newborns find a safe place and are kept warm all around. The baby sleeping bag is simply closed by folding the two sides and the foot end over each other and fastening them with buttons. Thanks to the toggle buttons, the sleeping bag can also be opened again easily and quickly. Its shape makes the sleeping bag suitable from zero to nine months.

The baby sleeping bag minimizes uncontrolled movements with the arms

With the help of the sleeping bag, the baby tub becomes a cozy cocoon that protects babies from drafts and gives a sense of security. The hood provides extra comfort and also protects the baby’s head from drafts. Newborns get the necessary nest warmth in the sleeping bag for babies; the body temperature is kept constant even on excursions. The baby sleeping bag is additionally suitable as a soft carpet pad or for puckering. It is also suitable for comforting and breastfeeding. After bathing or baby swimming, the sleeping bag quickly provides cozy warmth. So in summary, it can be used in many ways as a wrap blanket, changing mat, footmuff for the stroller, in the crib and as a pucksack. The sleeping bag also cuts a fine figure as a swaddling blanket or travel blanket. It is therefore a helpful purchase for the first equipment and a nice gift for the birth.