For long and safe use, we recommend regular maintenance. The high-quality materials and functions can thus be maintained for many years. Worn or damaged components can be easily repaired or replaced. We also offer the following maintenance and repair options.

FAQs about maintenance

What maintenance and care do you recommend?

We recommend maintenance once a month depending on use and location. Your ANGELCAB will thank you for this attention with a long and safe period of use.
For an overview and helpful tips on caring for your ANGELCAB product, see Maintenance & Care.

How often should maintenance be performed?

We ask that you take fewer minutes each month for maintenance and clean components regularly.

What do I do in the event of damage?

Damaged components can be repaired or even quickly replaced. For this we would ask you to send us a picture or short video of the damage by e-mail.

How do I clean all non-textile components?

We recommend cleaning metal, plastic and wood components with soapy water and a cloth.
To protect galvanized metal components from oxidation caused by salt and moisture, we recommend cleaning them regularly and oiling them if necessary.
After intensive rides on sandy roads, please make sure that there is no sand in the ball bearings of your ANGELCAB wheels.
Genuine leather should be checked regularly depending on use and the weather conditions and greased if necessary.


  • Available in 2 variants

    Service chassis

    89,00 EUR99,00 EUR
  • Service impeller

    29,00 EUR
  • Service textiles

    39,00 EUR


  • Repair functional connection

    49,00 EUR
  • Repair zipper / push button

    22,00 EUR

Shipping carton

  • Available in 6 variants

    ANGELCAB shipping carton

    14,00 EUR
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